Red Osier Dogwood


Cornus sericea. Hardy and useful bush type dogwood.

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Cornus sericea . A native of the northeastern US and Canada. A very cold hardy plant (at least to zone 2) and tolerant of wet areas. It produces white berries that are very attractive to wildlife. Although the berries are often quite tart or bitter, they are technically edible without consequence. There are conflicting reports of those with digestive sensitivity in larger portions. The inner bark is noted in various literatures as a non-salicylic pain killer. Its tough and limber stems are excellent for basketry and other such uses. The most important attribute of this plant is for stabilizing eroding banks, especially those in riparian areas like streambanks. The plants are vigorous, the roots hold the soil well, and the stems readily root to create a well knit mat. Can spread over a wide area. Bright red attractive twigs.


Each order is a pack of 5 plants, generally 2 foot average or taller.

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