Sugar Maple


Acer saccharum. Zone 3-8. Native North American tree for maple production, firewood and lumber.

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Acer saccharum. Zone 3a. This is the standard tree for maple syrup and sugar production. Native to North America, this species can reach a height of well over 100 feet with a 50 foot wide crown. A seedling tree will take decades to reach the age of safe tapping, but they can live as long as 400 years. Useful for lumber (highly valued), for firewood production (excellent btu level), as well as sugar and maple production. In permaculture systems, the tree is used in coppicing and pollarding. These procedures were used to successionally harvest firewood, construction materials, and mulches. Since maples respond well (resprout) from trunks if cut in the dormant season, they lend themselves well to these systems. See more about this in this post :

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