Yellow Birch


Betula alleghaniensis. Native birch to US and Canada. Used in syrup, and as an edible.

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Betula alleghaniensis. This species, also known as golden birch due to its beautiful glossy gold bark, is a cold hardy native to North America. It is hardy to zone 3 at least. The sap is used in making syrup and sugar like maple species are. The sap run is a few weeks after maple season has ended, and so can be useful in such operations. The inner bark has the pronounced flavor of wintergreen and is full edible. We often chew on the twigs when we are on the land working. It can be distilled to make a wintergreen flavoring. The flavor is volatile, so expect the syrup to taste only mildly of wintergreen. This is also a great species for coppicing and pollarding as it is both high in btu’s and sprouts back readily when cut. Harvesting the firewood should be done in winter. This is a tough species, often growing from seedlings that began on boulders and dead trees. When seen years later after the logs have decayed, the tree roots are often elevated in a twisted and animated fashion. Excellent lumber tree, often containing good figure (wavy or curly birch). A dense hardwood species.

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