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Fragaria vesca

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Fragaria vesca. This is the native wild strawberry of eastern North America. Also known as Indian Strawberry. Berries are small, typically less than 1/2 inch, but extremely flavorful. Spreads widely and quickly by runners into a ground cover, particularly in mulched areas like the borders of blueberry plantings. This is a very cold hardy strawberry, into zone 2. Plant source is from northeastern Vermont in US hardiness zone 3. Leaves are edible and contain proportionally much higher vitamin c than the actual berry. Also used in teas. Fruit is unparalleled for jams.

This form is beneficial to professional and hobby breeders, for those seeking to establish a native edible landscape, and for those interested in novel or more flavorful fruits than the domesticated versions. Do note these will be far less productive than modern bred strawberries.

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