Wild red elderberry


Sambucus racemosa. Produces nonedible berries, used as a distraction for birds and landscape addition.

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Sambucus racemosa. This is a native elder to the middle and northern parts of North America. Note that this is a nonedible type of elderberry, that is, the fruit has a mild toxicity to humans. It is noted in some writings that the blossom can be eaten like the edible elder species flowers, often fried and sugared. The bright red fruits Prefers damp or rich locations, but adaptable. We grow this species in our orchard mainly as a draw for avian species, like waxwings. It fruits near the time of strawberry harvest (much earlier than edible black elderberries), and thus saves the strawberries from predation. Can grow up to 12 feet in rich soil. A good selection for areas too damp for other species. Do note that all elderberry species contain the alkaloid cyanoglycoside sambunigrin, a mild toxin, which is why all elder products like berries or flowers should both be heat processed, and used in small quantities.

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