Custom Grafts

Custom grafts from Walden Heights are newly grafted trees that are made by special request to replicate a tree from your own farm, or from your own source. The baby tree you receive is no different than those of our "new grafts" except that the scionwood (grafting material) is coming from you, or another outside source.

Custom grafts require that you send us scionwood at the time we request it. This is simply some shoots off of your tree. A link to the instructions on how to collect are below.

Here is all you need to do:

  1. Order and follow contact instructions here.
  2. Collect and mail your scionwood. Details and instructions here.
  3. We will contact you after we receive your scionwood.

You may want to add to your order some varieties of grafts from our collection. Often folks want:

  • Hard to find apple varieties (heirlooms, cider apples, rare cultivars)
  • Bulk buying opportunities (putting in an orchard, group buying, cost saving)
  • Buying young trees to grow out for later sale (specifically nurseries, garden centers)
  • Certified organic stock in a wide range of cultivars
  • Propagating a new tree from cuttings you provide to us from your own special tree

Click here to order custom grafted trees.

Other custom grafting services we offer include: