Custom graft from your apple tree


  • Custom grafts of your own apple tree – set of 2 .
  • These are freshly grafted, and you grow them up to tree size yourself.
  • You will be contacted to arrange scionwood collection and mailing.
  • Details for scionwood collection here

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Do you have a special tree you would like to propagate ? One your grandmother planted ?  A neighborhood winner for pies and cider ? We can custom graft new trees from your own apple tree. The tree is freshly grafted and less than a foot tall. You simply grow these little guys out in the garden or in a pot for a year then set it into its permanent locations.

We will teach you how to collect the wood and safely send it to us. Collection happens during winter and very early spring.

You can order online, or directly through email. Contact us to talk about a plan.

An order includes 2 newly grafted trees. You can order any number beyond that in multiples of 2 online, or contact us through email.

More about newly grafted trees here.