• Granulated sulfur for organic production
  • Available for LOCAL pickup only
  • Good choice for pH adjustment, especially for blueberry production
  • Used as a soil nutrient amendment (not in the form for spray management)
  • Sold in 50 pound sacks

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This product is sold in 50 pound sacks, but we also sell by the pound if you have a smaller planting. Sulfur is a necessary nutrient for good plant health. If you are taking good care of your soil you likely will not need this amendment, however it is very important if you need to lower your pH for acid loving plants. Sour soil lovers like blueberry, lingonberry, roses, and some native plants will suffer if the pH is too high. Although many local mulches like softwood debris and needles can maintain an acid soil, it is a good idea to add sulfur prior to planting time if you need to adjust the pH a great deal. Send us your soil report and we will be happy to help get you the right amount.