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Montgomery X Yellow Transparent. large tart green/yellow apple

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Montgomery X Yellow Transparent. large tart green/yellow apple This is a yellow transparent type, and nearly indistinguishable from it. It will last longer in storage, and is often larger than the y.t. It is purported as scab resistant by many nurseries and institutions, but the results in the field vary. We have found good initial resistance, but the fruit becomes susceptible if inoculum is allowed to build up to large levels in the orchard. Within a sustainable spraying regime, the crop may be reasonably protected. This is a very good variety for early fruit, in general, if you like a tarter “green apple” flavor like Granny Smith. When the fruit is picked green it is tart, crispy, and juicy. Of note is the decent length of picking, lasting a couple of weeks here. When yellow the fruit is quite flavorful and sweet, but only useful in cooking. It cooks down to a frothy applesauce and makes the softer pies. Tree form is fairly easily managed, and appears tolerant to most other diseases. It has survived colder temperatures here (without damage) than the normally expressed zone 4, so will likely do well in colder zones.