Our gooseberries belong to the Ribes Hirtellum family, the American version, as opposed to the larger European version. The fruit produced on this cultivar is about grape-sized, occasionally a bit larger, and have a similar texture and consistency.

Gooseberries are full of vitamins, extremely cold hardy and easy to grow. They are good for fresh eating if you like tart flavors, and are even better frozen and eaten on a hot day. A treatise could be written on the culinary possibilities of this fruit, starting with gooseberry pie. All gooseberries start out green, tart and crispy, but they all ripen to a soft, sweet, light purple berry later in the season. You’ll learn when to pick them based on what appeals to your own palate.

We grow all the listed cultivars, but they rotate in availability year to year and the availability of some plants is limited. If you are unable to add an item to your cart it is likely that the quantity you ordered is not available.

Please note: Some species of plants are restricted plants in certain regions of the U.S. We try to warn customers about bans or restrictions on certain species, but it is your responsibility to know if your state allows import of the species you order.

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