Events & Workshops

Pruning Fruit Trees - Saturday 3/25/23 (9:30-12:30)  For all experience levels. Will cover related tree physiology, pruning techniques, tools, safety, and more. Begins with classroom instruction followed by orchard demonstrations. Plenty of opportunity for q & a.  Students should bring snow boots and winter coats as we will spend some time outside. Cost: 75.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Grafting - Saturday 3/25/23  (1:30-4:30)  For all experience levels. Will cover all physiological aspects of grafting. Included will be various grafting techniques. Begins with classroom instruction and continues with hands on execution by the group. Students will graft their own (apple) trees on site with help from the instructor. A variety of scionwood will be available to choose from.  Basic: 125.00 includes class and materials to make one apple tree Expanded: 150.00 includes Basic plus materials to make 5 additional trees (6 total mini orchard) * Tools (grafting knives, etc.) will be available for purchase at the farm.   Please contact us for details or to sign up These workshops are held annually on the farm. In addition, you may choose a topic and host your own educational event on the farm, at a location in your community or as a virtual on-line meeting.

If you are having trouble with contact us please email us at or call 802 563 3012

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Holistic Orchard Intensive     June 17,18          This is a 2 day orchard event held at Michael Phillips' Lost Nation Orchard in northern NH. Todd Parlo, a good friend of the late Michael will be instructing and giving tours. This covers every last aspect of orcharding, includes meals and is always good fun. All levels of experience are welcomed but includes plenty of meaty information for the professional grower. 350.00 for the whole weekend, meals and more.

Educational topics presented at WHNO:

Fruit Tree Pruning is presented with a scientific approach, but certainly open to all levels of student. Expect an indoor lecture, some pictures, discussion and Q&A followed by practical experience in the orchard. Everything from tree physiology to tool choice will be covered. We will also go over bush fruits and vines as determined by interest. Usually held in late winter. Workshop length 3+ hours.

In Fruit Tree Grafting you will learn how to graft fruit trees using a variety of methods. We will review bench grafting, topworking, budding, and cover a range of fruit plant species. Participants will be provided with all plant material to make  new apple trees with a wide selection of apple varieties to choose from. We begin with a lecture and discussion on the science of grafting, followed by technique instruction. Later, there is practice and then down to the actual surgery, with help from the teacher. Usually held in late winter/early Spring. Workshop length 3+ hours. A materials list will be sent to registered students.

Organic Fruit Growing covers just about all the species we grow here in Walden, from Aronia berries to Zabergau Reinette apples. The management techniques we employ include organic standards, permaculture principles, regenerative agriculture, and no- till processes, but the class will help growers of any practice. The workshop begins with an overview and lecture, and then proceed to an understanding of each species. This will include target crops, support plants like nitrogen fixers and animal habitat, and a discussion about the wider ecosystem. All levels of experience are welcome.

Fruit Tree Growing with an emphasis on growing apples, but pear, cherry and plum are included. This workshop covers it all – cultivar selection, planting, pruning, fertilizing, pest and disease management, harvesting, fruit storage, propagation, history, orchard layout, organic and sustainable practices, fruit processing, cider, materials, techniques, tools, and how not to go nuts doing this all. Some lecture, some discussion, and some orchard touring. Workshop length 5 hours.

Cidermaking will teach you everything you need to know to make your own bubbly. For both novices and those with experience will benefit from lectures from us, as well as experienced cidermakers, with plenty of time for questions. Covered but not limited to history, cultivar selection, brewing techniques, orchard basics, pressing options, ice cider, vessel choices, and some meandering into chemistry. Open to tangents like vinegar making and other treats. Apple and juice tasting from our orchard of hundreds of varieties. Kits, books, and all such supplies (including pressed cider and fresh apples) will be available. Workshop length 5 hours.