Resources and Forum

Education is one founding principles of WHNO.

We strive to help customers to grow your own fruit and encourage the preservation of genetic diversity of fruit bearing plants in your orchard, garden, and yard.

We are dedicated to customer education and support to ensure your fruit growing success. We invite you to learn from us and with us…

Events at Walden Heights Nursery
Horticulture, cidermaking, fruit tasting are just a few learning opportunities.
How to manage an orchard
Simple guides on how to help your plants thrive
Fruit Growers Forum
A place for fruit growers to exchange thoughts and ideas
Orcharding research
Articles, research papers and charts are a few examples of what is down this rabbit hole
Photos and Videos from Walden Heights Nursery
Images from around a small New England family farm
Orchard Journal
Our life and observations at Walden Heights