Walden Heights Nursery and Orchard: Organic Fruit Trees and Bushes from Vermont

NOTE- we will be closed Sunday July 8th.

2018  Hours are :  Saturday and Sundays 10-5  or by appointment 

 . We have a Wide selection of organic fruit plants for permaculture and homesteading. Online inventory lists sold out for ONLINE sales- BUT THE LOCAL NURSERY IS FULLY STOCKED !

NOTE- All online orders are for shipping FALL  or next spring (2019). We do have a large selection of plants available for pickup all summer and fall. 


*  Pruning and Consultations:

Now is the time to set up pruning and orchard/homestead consultations, as our schedule fills quickly. Work is done in late winter and early spring. We do work of all sizes.  WE DO LONG DISTANCE CONSULTING : we can help you succeed at any scale.  Email us for details- 

 [email protected]



please call us at 802 563 3012,  or email through the contact box    http://waldenheightsnursery.com/contact-us/ or [email protected]

Consultations are our specialty

We have decades of experience growing fruit and coaching both commercial and hobby farmers. 

Consulting can be done through visits, or long distance through media. See consultation link

or email us at [email protected]

Be advised that some items may have only a few items left in stock, so if adding to your cart does not work, it is likely the quantity you ordered are not available.  Try a smaller number.
Email questions or requests any time through the contact box

Trees and bushes are generally shipped in late April or early May, unless by arrangement.

Scionwood and rootstock is shipped Feb-May.

Please keep in mind that the weather is an essential player in all of our scheduling and sometimes spring orders get delayed due to heavy snow or cold temperatures.

Please explore the free information in the RESEARCH sections

All plants are CERTIFIED  ORGANIC unless marked otherwise !

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Be sure to look at the RESEARCH link for all kinds of information of organic growing, and happenings on the farm.

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 Our family works hard to understand all of the aspects of organic fruit growing in our northern Vermont climate. Our experiences and research has given us a wealth of information that we share with those who hope to produce fruit for their own family.

Our mission is to help our neighbors and customers grow their own food, and do so organically and sustainably. While most nurseries simply buy, mark-up and re-sell shipped-in stock, we are primarily farmers…growers of the fruit in our orchards and nearly all the species in our nursery.

Preservation of heirloom fruits, particularly apple germplasm is also very important to the farm. We grow more than 400 apple varieties and add to the diversity of our orchard each year, sharing new, old and interesting apple varieties with folks who are interested.