When your plants arrive

Are you ready?

When your new trees and plants arrive they are breaking dormancy and need to be planted as soon as possible. The longer they remain unplanted, the more stressed they become and the longer it will take for them to recover.

Upon delivery remove the trees from the shipping box.  The roots should be soaked in water for an hour to rehydrate. If any growth has occurred, a spritz with the hose is helpful too.

If you cannot plant your trees immediately, then heel them in moist soil or sawdust.

Fertilize your trees at planting time, but if it is late summer or fall avoid nitrogen application.   Once planted, trees must be watered regularly.  Grass and weeds should be eliminated around the tree.  Mulching around the tree will help both with weeds and grass and keep the ground moist.  Be sure that the tags are not too tight on your tree or it may strangle that branch.

Trees need to be protected from deer and rodents as soon as you plant them.  It does not take long for these creatures to discover a new, tasty morsel on the block!  A metal tree guard is recommended for the lower trunk (metal window screen or 1/8” mesh hardware cloth works great).  Deer fencing to protect the rest of the tree is essential too. We sell trunk guards if you need them here.

Trees & Shrubs: Instructions for Planting Within 48 Hours

Leave the plastic wrapping around the root ball. Add some water to remoisten the packing material and store your trees/plants in a cool shaded place like a shed, barn or cellar. Avoid heat and sunlight.

Trees & Shrubs: Instructions if You Cannot Plant Within 48 Hours

You may keep plants for a week or so by following one these temporary measures and continuing to water trees as needed. The surest way to kill a plant is to let it dry out.

Remove the plastic wrap around the root ball. Store the plants in a cool shaded place. Wrap the roots in wet shredded newspaper or sawdust, packing firmly to eliminate air pockets. Water thoroughly.

“Heel in” your plants. Dig a trench or turn back an appropriate amount of earth and bury the roots; tamp the ground firmly to remove air pockets. Water thoroughly.

Be sure to consult our library for more information about successful growing.