The Local Nursery

Walden Heights has a local nursery that can be by appointment.  (No drop-in customers please)

We have a full inventory of potted plants all season. The catalog will show "sold out" but this is for shipped stock, not local pickup.

To order for pickup or questions click here.

Local pickup allows more options including produce from our farmstand and the products below:

Local nursery & orchard products
  • Honeycrisp apple
  • Macoun apple
  • Sweet Sixteen apple
  • Ashmead's Kernal
  • Fireside apple
  • Dudley Winter apple
  • Hazen apple
  • Liberty apple
  • Centennial apple
  • Pomme Gris apple
  • Chestnut apple
  • Siberian Crab
  • McIntosh apple
  • Red Astrachan apple
  • Red Baron apple
  • Bethel apple
  • State Fair apple
  • Wickson Crab
  • Haralson apple
  • Rolfe apple
  • Black Oxford apple
  • Northern Spy apple
  • Yellow Transparent apple
  • Golden Russet apple
  • Patten pear
  • Parker pear
  • Cabot pear
  • Summercrisp pear
  • some larger  plants
  • general fertilizers
  • blueberry fertilizer
  • bagged compost
  • wood mulch
  • hay mulch
  • fish emulsion
  • lime
  • soil acidifiers
  • tree guards
  • posts & fencing
  • cider making supplies
  • fresh produce (in season)
  • frozen fruit (berries and more)
  • cider (in season or frozen)
  • hard cider mixes (in season)