Blueberry Fruiting Cycle

blueberry buds

the bell shaped flower of the blueberry

Blueberry fruit buds occur either laterally or terminally. They develop on the new shoots later in the growing season, generally fall. The following spring these buds open to sport flowers. The infloresence (flower system) is a raceme, containing anywhere from a few to ten or more flowers arranged on a stem, individually opening from the base first, to the tip last. These are perfect flowers, containing both male and female parts. They are epigynous. Pollination by another cultivar is usually advised, despite some degree of self fruitfulness in some cases. The 4 to 10 celled ovaries will give rise to that many seeds. The bell shaped flowers eventually hang down, the opening facing the earth. The large number of blossoms often make the bush very attractive.

the blueberry flower undressed

Blueberries are easy to grow. Take a look here.