Bethel Apple

photo courtesy of US Dept of Agriculture

All purpose storage apple. Originated in 1755 near Bethel, Vermont, perhaps in Gaysville. David Stone is the reported originator, growing the variety from seed. It has similarities to the Stone apple, named after him by his family with both apples originating with the Stone family in this Vermont area. There is in various literature the belief that both fruits are the same, but we see distinct differences, particularly in the shape. The Stone came much later in time, about a century. SA Beach also finds them distinctive fruits. They are mentioned as members of the Blue Pearmain group, which for practical purposes means simply a category of long keeping fall apples with a similar taste and texture profile to the BP. Known to survive to 50 below F. Our trees have various origins for scionwood, but lately our line is taken from an old tree in nearby Danville.