Robin Hill Juneberry


Shade tree that produces tasty fruits for both those in feathers or in blue jeans. Wonderful foliage in spring and fall.

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Robin Hill Originated around 1920. Amelanchier Canadensis x A. laevis hybrid. Literature abounds with confusion over most Amelanchier species, and this is no exception. It is noted as arborea, Canadensis, laevis, and as a hybrid.

 Plant : Flower buds begin pink and fade to white quickly. Foliage begins and ends as a matte pastel quality orange, yellow and sometimes reddish color. Growing season for the most part shows the leaves a dull deep green. This is more a tree form Amelanchier, although it can produce multiple trunks. Very attractive as a landscape specimen. Prominent white blossoms in the spring are the first you will notice in the landscape. Requires chilling hours in the 2000 range for best results.

Fruit: Miniature pome is about the size of a blueberry. Similar but firmer to the Saskatoon. They are good for fresh and culinary eating but the birds are very fond of these and the tree form cannot be netted. You will still get some. A planting of these can keep the feathered critters away from other plantings, like the saskatoons and blueberries.

Planting : Cold hardy to -30F. Can take a variety of soil types and will take some shade as well. A good 2-3 percent organic matter is ideal. Extremely dry soils are to be avoided. Growing Issues : See “Saskatoon” entry for pests and diseases to watch out for. Nutrition info there is also similar to the Robin Hill.

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