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Cold hardy grape seed for seedling and rootstock production.

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Grape seed for planting. Offspring of King of the North (a V.labrusca x V. riparia hybrid) cultivar unless otherwise noted. Seedling plants from these may be used as rootstock (ie for V. vinifera), for production of variable fruit, for experimentation and breeding purposes and for landscaping. As with all fruit seedlings and seed lots, variability in fruit quality and productivity is nearly certain.


Grape seed will require cold moist stratification. Follow instructions for stratification of fruit tree seed in Kitchen Sink post of the RESEARCH section. The process is fairly simple for small amounts like a packet, in which seed can be placed in a damp paper towel in a baggie and kept in the fridge until sprouting- takes a few months so start before the growing season.


Packets will contain a minimum of 50 seeds.   Free  Shipping  in US

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