Walden Heights Elderberry Cuttings


  • Pack of 5 unrooted cuttings
  • Highly nutritious fruit, but must be properly processed for edibility
  • Good for edible hedging and wildlife.
  • Good pollenizer for most varieties
  • All elderberry cutting orders include free shipping, please use the coupon code CUTTING2021.  If your final order includes additional products you cannot use the coupon code, but you will not be charged shipping for the grape cuttings.
  • Precaution – The branches and leaves of elderberry are poisonous and the raw fruit contains the chemical compound sambunigrin which may be dangerous if ingested.

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You will receive a package of 5 unrooted cuttings. This variety is a selected wild variety with good cold hardiness. Typical deep purple/black fruit. Keep in mind all elderberries must be processed to make them edible (consuming raw can lead to digestive upset). They are highly nutritious afterward. Ripens in late summer in Walden. Will grow in damp conditions and full to partial sun.

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Tree Pruning
Proper pruning ensures a healthier tree, improves fruit size and increases fruit yield. Fruit trees should be pruned during winter dormancy. We’ll prune individual trees or an entire orchard.

We offer services for those who would like assistance in planting and/or maintaining trees and help with everything from staking trees to trellising grapes and berries. We will show you the proper procedures for caring for your home orchard or do the maintenance for you.

Custom Grafting
In addition to grafting the fruit trees we sell, we also offer custom grafting services. We can graft a hard to find cultivar, a reproduction from your own tree, or we can graft onto an existing tree on your property. New trees can be sent right away or grown a year here.

We do site visits, help with soil and other tests, and planning. Included are written plans for the implementation and day to day operations of your future of existing plantings. Fees vary according to the extent of the operation. Contact us for further info.

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