Concord Seedless Grape Cuttings


  • Pack of 10 unrooted cuttings
  • Seedless grape similar but smaller than Concord.
  • Cold hardy at least to zone 4
  • Self-pollenizing
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  • The following states have import restrictions on grapes : NY, WA, OR, ID and CA

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Concord Seedless has similar flavor to the classic Concord variety, but is smaller and of course lacks seed. A table grape, and also excellent frozen as a summer treat like all grapes. I have found this to be the most cold hardy of the seedless, and has made it through about 23 winters in Walden zone 3 with little damage. Still we coach giving it a protected location, and it wouldn't hurt to lay it down to be covered with snow in case of a brutal winter. Makes thin wood.

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