Build Your Own Pear


Scionwood and rootstock for growing your own pears.

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Each order contains one rootstock and scionwood to make your own tree, along with basic instructions.

Don’t have what you want? Need to save a few bucks? You can graft a tree and grow it to size yourself. Sure, a little patience is needed, but grafting is both an easy operation to master, and a lifelong skill. We sell the rootstocks  and scionwood that will survive and give fruit into the coldest areas of the US. We also carry grafting knives, labels,etc, as well as grafting kits that include everything you need to get started. Scion choices- Walden Large Hill Staceyville Luscious Hardy Note- Walden Large and Hill are extremely vigorous, productive and large fruited dessert apples that have outperformed all others in out zone 3 climate.

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