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Heirloom russian apple with distinctive flavor. Scab resistant.

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An heirloom russian apple, predating 1817. Parent of the Wolf River it also gets very sizable. Unique taste is good for fresh eating but great in the kitchen. Can produce a large amount of material for cooking at a fairly young age, which was its historical use. Introduced to the US in the early 1800s with an influx of russian apples that could survive the colder temperatures of the northeast. Ripens in early September in Walden, Vt. Great for homestead growing as it ripens over a long period (as much as 6 weeks of continuous picking, and thus a good option for those without cold storage). Will keep for culinary use about 2 months in cooler. Striped and patched red apple. This is the parent of Wolf River. Alexander is from a group of russian apples known as the Aport group, which shares similar characteristics like its large size. Nearly immune to scab.

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