Grapes are a wonderful addition to any landscape and homestead. They provide both a delicious snack, nutritious food, and a great plant specimen for arbors and living fences.

The varieties we sell are varieties that thrive in northern climates. All the cultivars currently offered are seeded varieties (they contain seeds). We have some seedless grapes on trial at our farm and if we are convinced of their hardiness, we will offer them for sale.

All grapes are 1 or 2 year plants. Our vines are cold hardy, but to help ensure a yield of fruit in northern gardens, should be planted in a warm spot in your garden or greenhouse and mulched with stone.

We grow all the listed cultivars, but they rotate in availability year to year and the availability of some plants is limited. If you are unable to add an item to your cart it is likely that the quantity you ordered is not available.

Sorry, we cannot ship grapevines to Idaho, New York, or Washington.

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