Sweet : The wide diversity of apples and other fruit in our orchard produces a sweet cider unlike any you have tasted before.  Our sweet cider is UV pasteurized on the farm and available for sale as part of a fruit membership or at the farmstand from September-January.

Hard : Our hard cider starter mix is fresh pressed, unpasteurized, organic apple juice, specially blended for hard cider and balanced so that no additions are necessary.  Available by special order September through January.

Juice can be transferred into your vessel upon arrival, or we can include the container with a deposit charged.

New to cider-making?  Don’t feel shy, we can walk you through the process of cidermaking, it is easy and fun. Contact Us with your questions.

$10.00 per gallon

$12.00 per half gallon fitted with plug and airlock, and yeast packet. Great for trying weekly new blends, or those new to the craft.

Or consider buying our cidermaking kit: $50.00 for a filled 5-gallon bpa-free plastic brewing pail, and everything else you need to brew. (Includes cider starter mix, yeast packet, gasket, and 3 piece airlock)

Juice is for local pickup only and ordering in advance is required.   5 gallon minimum. We include brix and pH measurements and a list of cultivars used in the blend.

Additional brewing supplies are available at the farm:

-several varieties of commercial yeast

-carboys and plastic pails




-amendments, including hops, wood chips, frozen berries

-cidermaking books

-sulfite for disinfecting (important for some brewers)

Contact Us with your questions or to place an order for pick up at the farm.