Cosmic Capitalism

There is a point in every corner of human life when things are clearly taken too far. There is no better example in the realm of capitalist agriculture than that revolving around the release of the Cosmic Crisp TM apple.


over 12 million trees have been planted

only Washington state growers are legally allowed to plant to grow them

restrictions to Washington only grown : 10 years, & possible 10 yr extension

growers must be licensed to grow the apples

farmers must pay royalties to the developers for each apple sold

This is not the first time a developer has opted for a system that pays them a piece of every crop dollar. It really is the new trend. The University of Minnesota’s Sweet Tango TM is an example. In this case, however, orchards in Minnesota, New York, and Washington were allowed to grow the fruit.

The benefit in intense control like this, is just that, control. It is much easier to have quality control of the product, so that the branding stays strong. Like McDonalds, or similar franchises, there is a mechanism to maintain not only quality standards, but consistency.