Apple :

malus domestica Antonovka  Popular rootstock for standards. Makes commercial sized apples usually.

malus prunifolia (plum leaf apple) Even more cold hardy than Antonovka. Very fibrous root system. Vigorous.

malus baccata (siberian crabapple) Extremely cold hardy, to zone 2


Pear :

pyrus communis (bartlett )

pyrus ussuriensis (Harbin pear)  A wild Manchurian pear. Has some fireblight resistance.

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  1. Common Pear Seed

    Common Pear Seed

    Packet containing approx. 25 seeds. Requires cold stratification. Learn More
  2. Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificate

    Order a Gift Certificate in 5 dollar increments (20 dollar minumum). HOW TO ORDER : Each number you order is in increments of 5. For example if you want a 50 dollar certificate you order 10. Sample : 10 units x 5 dollars each = 50.00 We will mail a nice card with the gift certificate anywhere in the US at no charge. Learn More
  3. Siberian Crabapple Seed

    Siberian Crabapple Seed

    Packet contains approx. 25 seeds. Requires cold moist stratification. Learn More

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