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PLEASE  READ  THIS :  Apples that are still in stock have an ADD TO CART button on the page. All apples are available in at least one size, these are as follows:

1.      3 year old : This is a tree 3 years or older and the best option for those new to growing or to get a year ahead in growth. 30.00

2.       2 year old :  Similar to the above but a year younger, or a bit smaller than the 3 year tree. Still ok for setting out in permanent location with a bit more care. 20.00

3.        New graft :  This is a newly grafted tree. At less than a foot tall, they require a year of growth in a nursery bed before setting in the orchard.  12.00


We can do custom grafts  (from your wood or our collection of over 500 varieties) , which you can grow as new grafts or have us grow into trees for you. Prices are same as above plus 5.00 surcharge.

Our apple trees are organically grown and hand-grafted onto extremely hardy seedling rootstocks, which will withstand temperatures of -40°F and colder. This standard rootstock often means a large, prolific, and long-lived tree. A standard tree can live well over one hundred years and provide 10 to 30 bushels of fruit a year at maturity. Dwarf trees sold in many nurseries and catalogs may languish in this climate or die outright. See the Rootstocks category for a list of the rootstocks we use.


Please be aware we grow and propagate all the listed cultivars, but they rotate in availability year to year. With advanced notice we can graft any of these varieties regardless if we were going to carry them that year. Additionally, we can custom graft nearly any variety that is still in existence, or from wood from your own tree.

We can custom graft a tree for you. This can be from your wood, or from one of the 400 plus varieties growing in our preservation orchard. It will take approximately a year. To order one, contact us through the "contact us" box and we can talk. Cost is 30.00 per tree.

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  1. American Beauty apple

    American Beauty apple

    Tender red and yellow apple with dense yellow flesh. SOLD OUT FOR 2014 Learn More
  2. Anoka Apple

    Anoka Apple

    large tart yellow apple, precocious, summer SOLD OUT FOR 2014...BUT CUSTOM GRAFTS AVAILABLE Learn More
  3. Antonovka 1.5 Apple

    Antonovka 1.5 Apple

    Very large green fruits. Tart. Tree is vigorous SOLD OUT FOR 2014 BUT CUSTOM GRAFTS AVAILABLE Learn More
  4. Antonovka seedling tree

    Antonovka seedling tree

    Seedling tree which produces edible fruit. Cold hardy. Learn More
  5. Arkansas Black Apple

    Arkansas Black Apple

    Winesap seedling reportedly. Deep purple becomes almost black. Crisp juicy firm distinctively tasting apple SOLD OUT FOR 2014 Learn More
  6. Ashmead's Kernel apple

    Ashmead's Kernel apple

    dense apple with uniquie flavor, precocious SOLD OUT FOR 2014 BUT CUSTOM GRAFTS AVAILABLE Learn More
  7. Atlas Apple

    Atlas Apple

    red striped Mcintosh like fruit Learn More
  8. Baldwin apple

    Baldwin apple

    SOLD OUT FOR 2011

    Learn More
  9. Bancroft Apple

    Bancroft Apple

    Forest X McIntosh. Red. Fair fresh eating but improves in storage. Precocious. Learn More
  10. Battleford Apple

    Battleford Apple

    Red striped fruit with bloom. Crisp, slightly tart coarse flesh. Medium to large. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 124 total

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