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Walden Heights Grafting and Pruning Classes Cancelled

Sorry, we have had to drop the spring pruning and grafting schedule this spring. 

And coming this season at the farm….

Growing  Organic  Tree  Fruit –  Half  Day  Workshop and Tour  :  spring 2016

This is a half day class at the farm and allows for some orchard touring as well as several hours of education. It encompasses tree fruit growing. This is a certified organic farm and protocol is angled for such practices and includes discussion of other plant and animal species in the orchard. The class includes planting, pest and disease control, costs and related management issues.                          

Growing  Fruit  in  the  Northeast  Kingdom – coming this spring 2016

This workshop is less intensive but covers a wider range of crops than the fruit tree workshop, including growing fruit trees, and fruit bearing bushes and plants. Aspects such as pruning, planting, care and plant physiology will be covered. The species discussed will be those we grow here at Walden Heights including blueberries, apples, pears, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, cherries, grapes, and more. Expect a bit of lecture, and then some time for Q & A.  We will also have a sign-up for our new Fruit Growers Group for those interested.


For more info contact:    (questions through the contact box top right of page)   – for questions about class


Additional classes in organic fruit growing, pruning, and grafting  will be held in the area if there is enough interest. Please contact us through the “contact” link if you are interested. They may be held here at the farm in Walden or at another nearby location.

You or your organization can also hire us to put on a workshop for your edification, or as a fundraiser. Email.

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