Scionwood & Seed

Scionwood & Seed

cleft     Scionwood      never too young to start

We have a fluctuating list of cultivars available each year for grafting. This includes apple, pear and some cherry and plum. Wood is distributed during the dormant season only, usually beginning in late February and running until the beginning of April. One of our cuttings is good for 2  grafts, typically.

8 to 12 inch cuttings: $3.00              



How to Grafting Videos - watch these on the video page...

For information on seed stratification :

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  1. antonovka seed
  2. Bluebell grape cuttings

    Bluebell grape cuttings

    Package of 10 unrooted cuttings. Learn More
  3. Common Pear Seed

    Common Pear Seed

    Packet containing approx. 25 seeds. Requires cold stratification. Learn More
  4. Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificate

    Order a Gift Certificate in 5 dollar increments (20 dollar minumum). HOW TO ORDER : Each number you order is in increments of 5. For example if you want a 50 dollar certificate you order 10. Sample : 10 units x 5 dollars each = 50.00 We will mail a nice card with the gift certificate anywhere in the US at no charge. Learn More
  5. Grape cuttings : King of the North

    Grape cuttings : King of the North

    Package of 10 of King of the North grape unrooted Learn More
  6. Kay Gray grape cuttings

    Kay Gray grape cuttings

    10 unrooted Kay Gray grape cuttings Learn More
  7. ranetka crabapple seed

    ranetka crabapple seed

    Cold hardy crabapple seed. zone 2 Learn More
  8. Scionwood


    Scionwood packages with shipping included Learn More
  9. Seed


    Cultivar specific apple seed Learn More
  10. Siberian Crabapple Seed

    Siberian Crabapple Seed

    Packet contains approx. 25 seeds. Requires cold moist stratification. Learn More

10 Item(s)

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