Community Orchard / Homestead Package


Everything you need to start a community orchard or small home orchard

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Orchard Program : Walden Heights will work with you and your family, your school (or other organization) in the implementation of a home, school or community orchard. Various size packages are available, and you choose the varieties. What we will do is instruct you how to go about the process, provide the materials and give you continual tech support on the project. What you are gaining from this opportunity is the assistance of a professional orchardist in helping you create a successful orchard and a lasting legacy in your community. The project is a wonderful way for a family, students or community members to become both more educated and connected with biology and our food system. Sample orchard : An orchard of 10 different apple tree varieties, metal trunk guards, permanent labels, together with personal tech support from us. Some substitutions like fruit bushes or vines is possible as well. $ (email us for details on larger packages)