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  • 1755
  • Red skinned all purpose storage apple

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All prupose storage apple. Originated in 1755 near Bethel, Vermont, perhaps in Gaysville. David Stone is the reported originator, growing the variety from seed. It has similarites to the Stone apple, named after him by his family..both apples orinating with the Stone family in this Vermont area. There is in various literature the belief both fruits are the same, but we see distinct differences, particularly in the shape. The Stone came much later in time, about a century. SA Beach also finds them distinctive fruits. They are mentioned as members of the Blue Pearmain group, which for practical purposes means simply a category of long keeping fall apples with a similar taste and texture profile to the BP. Known to survive to at least 50 below F. Our trees have various origins for scionwood, but lately our line is taken from an old tree in nearby Danville, Vermont through the kindness of Robert Kitchell.

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Tree Pruning
Proper pruning ensures a healthier tree, improves fruit size and increases fruit yield. Fruit trees should be pruned during winter dormancy. We’ll prune individual trees or an entire orchard.

We offer services for those who would like assistance in planting and/or maintaining trees and help with everything from staking trees to trellising grapes and berries. We will show you the proper procedures for caring for your home orchard or do the maintenance for you.

Custom Grafting
In addition to grafting the fruit trees we sell, we also offer custom grafting services. We can graft a hard to find cultivar, a reproduction from your own tree, or we can graft onto an existing tree on your property. New trees can be sent right away or grown a year here.

We do site visits, help with soil and other tests, and planning. Included are written plans for the implementation and day to day operations of your future of existing plantings. Fees vary according to the extent of the operation. Contact us for further info.

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