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Pack of 10   :    Custom graft apple trees – 600 possible varieties

List of Apple Varieties  click here

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List of Apple Varieties click here

This option is for those interested in :

  • Hard to find apple varieties (heirlooms, cider apples, rare cultivars)-
  • Bulk buying opportunities (putting in an orchard, group buying, cost saving)
  • Nurseries and garden centers who want to grow out young trees to call their own
  • Those looking for certified organic stock in a wide range of cultivars

We grow our own apple trees from scratch here at Walden Heights. Material for propagation is taken from our certified organic arboretum of 600+ varieties. In order to offer so many types, we elected to custom graft baby trees and send them directly to able customers to grow out. This allows us to send a large selection of certified organic trees every single year. Typically, nurseries have to guess what will be popular several years out when propagating, and wind up throwing away most of them. With this  model, we can sell them more cheaply, offer an awesome selection, and allow for a healthy flow of organic material which is very rare currently. We will be happy to discuss options with you or your business, so email us here : http://waldenheightsnursery.com/contact-us/

Sold in packs of 10 for 150.00  (yes, you may mix varieties to reach 10 minimum).

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