Apple Trees – New Grafts


  • See below for ordering instructions
  • Custom graft apple trees – 600 possible varieties
  • This will arrive as a newly grafted tree 12-18 inches tall
  • Best grown out in a nursery row or 5+ gallon pot for the first year

Click here for a list of apple tree varieties


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Custom grafts are essentially baby trees that require some extra care and protection than our older nursery trees.

Instructions for ordering custom grafted trees:

  1. Review the List of Apple Varieties and identify the trees you are interested in.  We are happy to help you select varieties, please contact us.
  2. Choose the desired quantity of grafted trees, add to cart and check out.
  3. Contact Us with a list of the varieties you would like grafted.
  4. Read more about new grafts here.

*If you would like a custom graft made from a special tree your own tree, contact us and ask for instructions.

  • Hard to find apple varieties (heirlooms, cider apples, rare cultivars)
  • Bulk buying opportunities (putting in an orchard, group buying, cost saving)
  • Buying young trees to grow out for later sale (specifically nurseries, garden centers)
  • Certified organic stock in a wide range of cultivars
  • Propagating a new tree from cuttings you provide to us from your own special tree*