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Species variety in the Orchard

pear, grape, black locust, cherry, birch
elderberry, apple, aronia, maple, birch, plum, blueberry, juneberry, currant, raspberry, blackberry, herbaceous spp.
blueberry, Siberian pea shrub, plum, aple, pear, strawberry, maple, birch, spruce, rose, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, lilac, Saskatoon
Leo apple tree, Leo homo sapien, grape, birch, fir, spruce, cherry, maple, hops, plum, meadow herbs.
plum, aronia, currant, blueberry, maple, birch, raspberry, blackberry, elderberry, Saskatoon, hobbits.
blueberry, currant, birch, thyme, honeyberry, grape, kiwi, apple, cherry, mint, verbena, strawberry, spruce, maple, cedar
grape, maple, birch, cherry, rose, hops, kale, herbs
apple, plum, Saskatoon, herbs, maple, birch, blueberry
apple, birch, blueberry, Saskatoon, rose, raspberry, blackberry, blackhaw, grape, maple, cherry, lingonberry, elderberry, viburnum
apple, pear, maple, birch, beech, spruce, fir, cherry, photons, pot of gold
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