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Buffalo Mountain Coop 

Hardwick Farmer’s Market

Square Deal Farm (Certified Organic Maple Syrup)  Square Deal is the real deal. Among our first friends here in Walden, these folks aren’t just conscientious food makers, they are as meticulous and scientific as they come. It is good to still see farms that have all the age old charm of the past and know behind the scenes there is every attention payed to making an excellent and healthy product.

Applecheek Farm (Organic meat, milk and more) The hardest working and unpretentious family farm I know. Country store, conference room, catering service and events round out this picturesque no nonsense operation.

Whole Systems Design  These guys develop human habitats  that yield perennial abundance and enduring value. These are adaptive, resilient and secure places in a future of peak oil, climate instability, and deepening economic insolvency. Get some help from folks who have helped many others.