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 New for 2017 :    Fruit CSA    We will be offering a membership that will include fruit and fruit products from July through December, featuring apples, pears, apple cider, fruit juices, frozen berries and other fruit, fresh berries, and extras.  All products are certified organic and grown on our farm exclusively. Not only do you get a price break, but some of our offerings are only available to members.    Pickups weekly at the farm.         Contact us for details.


Attention hard cider makers !  We are making weekly pressings with a huge diversity of apple varieties for brewing. This is unpasteurized and super fresh.

Ordering ahead of pickup is required. Use the contact box, or email [email protected]

7.00 gallon in jugs

50.00 for a filled 5 gallon bpa free plastic brewing pail, and everything else you need to brew. (Includes yeast packet of choice, gasket, and 3 piece airlock)

10.00 for a half gallon fitted with plug and airlock, and yeast packet. Great for trying weekly new blends, or those new to the craft.

All orders come with data sheet listing cultivars in the batch; pH, and brix levels.

Also available- sulfite for disinfecting (important for some brewers)

-hops for cider addition- sold dry or frozen

– cider apples – .75/pound




    We have frozen organic berries for sale right now !   For farm pickup, please call or email at [email protected]    or  563-3012

Berries are sold :        5.00 each for 10 ounce convenience packages

32.00 for a 5 pound bag  bulk price


  Includes :




raspberry/blackberry mix









*All produce is certified organic and grown on our farm exclusively.

Please contact us for details.

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