Proper pruning ensures a healthier plant, improves fruit size, and increases fruit yield. Regular pruning can alleviate stress to your tree caused by the weather, disease, pests, and heavy fruit yields. Fruit trees should be pruned annually during winter dormancy.

Please choose your fruit tree pruner carefully. Not all arborists understand the complex art and science of pruning fruit trees. It can be difficult to determine which branches should be cut to benefit your tree's health, appearance, and productivity. A pruning cut cannot be undone, and the results of an improper cut could span the entire lifetime of your tree. If you're in doubt, let us help you ensure long term health and productivity in your fruit trees.

We’ll prune individual trees or an entire orchard. We can do all or part of a project and, if you like, train you while we work.

Also consider taking our pruning workshop.

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