Custom Work

We have an extensive collection of more than 600 apple varieties in our preservation orchard,

which produces the scionwood (current year vigorous shoot) that we use for grafting the trees we sell and our custom grafting services.

Custom Grafting – our scionwood  order here

If there is a tree you are hoping to grow that is out of stock, you can order a custom grafted tree. The trees are shipped bare-root in a dormant state ready for immediate planting (not field grown by us). Custom grafts are shipped in April -May.

Custom Grafting – your scionwood  details here

We can also custom graft apple trees from cuttings you provide to us from your own tree.

We can advise you as to the procedures for obtaining scionwood from your tree. For detailed information on collecting and shipping scionwood to us see our guide on Collecting Scionwood.

Top Working

If you have a tree that is not producing well or you don’t like the fruit that is does produce, we can graft a new variety onto a mature tree. Top working takes place in Vermont in early summer. Contact us below.

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