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All of our pear trees are organically grown and hand-grafted. Pears, like apples need a non-identical mate for successful pollination, so choose 2 separate cultivars. The rootstocks we use are OH/F 97, P. ussuriensis seedling, and P. communis seedling.

3 to 5 foot trees, potted: $30 - $45   

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  1. European Pear Seedling

    European Pear Seedling

    Seedling european pears for culinary use, pollinator or large caliper rootstock. A variety of lines are available usually. All grown of the farm. Learn More
  2. Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificate

    Order a Gift Certificate in 5 dollar increments (20 dollar minumum). HOW TO ORDER : Each number you order is in increments of 5. For example if you want a 50 dollar certificate you order 10. Sample : 10 units x 5 dollars each = 50.00 We will mail a nice card with the gift certificate anywhere in the US at no charge. Learn More
  3. Ussurian Pear Seedling

    Ussurian Pear Seedling

    Seedling ussurian pear for pollination, culinary use, ornamental or large caliper rootstock. Learn More
  4. Walden Large Pear

    Walden Large Pear

    Unknown lineage. Large golden-bronze fruit is nearly pest free. Picked hard and ripened on the window sill. About midway between crunchy and creamy. Learn More

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