Items for breeders, experimenters and the curious

This is the domain for anyone looking for interesting plants, genetic anomalies and the like. Many of these are native species, open pollinated seedlings or cuttings.

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  1.  Beechnut


    American Beech. Fagus grandifolia. Hardy native deciduous trees producing edible nuts. Learn More
  2. Native New England Raspberry

    Native New England Raspberry

    Rubus idaeus. The native, wild form of the domesticated raspberry. Hardy to zone 2 at least. Learn More
  3. Native Vermont Rose

    Native Vermont Rose

    Wild bush rose with edible hips and pink flowers. Learn More
  4. Perriwinkle


    (Vinca minor) Hardy evergreen ground cover with purple flowers. Learn More
  5. Purple Flowering Raspberry

    Purple Flowering Raspberry

    Rubus odoratus. Edible fruit similar to red raspberry, but with unique and delicious flavor. Attractive, large, purple flowers. Learn More
  6. Red Osier Dogwood

    Red Osier Dogwood

    Cornus sericea. Hardy and useful bush type dogwood. Learn More
  7. Red Osier Dogwood Unrooted Cuttings

    Red Osier Dogwood Unrooted Cuttings

    Cornus sericea. Unrooted hardwood cuttings of the redstemmed dogwood. Learn More
  8. Wild red elderberry

    Wild red elderberry

    Sambucus racemosa. Produces nonedible berries, used as a distraction for birds and landscape addition. Learn More
  9. Yellow Birch

    Yellow Birch

    Betula alleghaniensis. Native birch to US and Canada. Used in syrup, and as an edible. Learn More

9 Item(s)

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