We have selected the varieties we sell based on their ability to thrive in an environment such as we face in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. All the cultivars currently offered are seeded varieties, that is they contain seeds. We have some of the so-called hardy seedless grapes on trial here, and if and when we are convinced of their hardiness, we will offer them for sale. Grapes are a wonderful addition to any landscape and homestead. They provide both a nutritious food, and a great plant specimen for arbors and living fences.

Potted: $20 - $25 sizes available.

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  1. Beta Grape

    Beta Grape

    V.riparia X V.labrusca. Bluish black tart fruit. Pronounced like feta, as in the cheese, named for a woman not a greek character. Learn More
  2. Bluebell Grape

    Bluebell Grape

    V riparia X V. labrusca. Dark blue slipskin grape, all purpose. Learn More
  3. Bluebell grape cuttings

    Bluebell grape cuttings

    Package of 10 unrooted cuttings. Learn More
  4. Brianna Grape

    Brianna Grape

    V riparia X V. labrusca. Kay Gray is a parent. Golden-green medium sized all purpose grape. Learn More
  5. Edelweiss Grape

    Edelweiss Grape

    V.riparia X V.labrusca. (Ontario and Beta are in the lineage). An early ripening golden fruit. All purpose. Learn More
  6. Edelweiss Grape Cuttings

    Edelweiss Grape Cuttings

    10 unrooted Edelweiss Grape cuttings Learn More
  7. Fredonia Grape

    Fredonia Grape

    V. riparia X V. labrusca. Parents are Lucille and Champion. Very large deep purple grape. All purpose. Tasty underripe too. Learn More
  8. Frontenac Grape

    Frontenac Grape

    V. riparia X V. labrusca. Small red wine grape, blue-black berry. Ok fresh eating. High acid and sugar. Learn More
  9. Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificate

    Order a Gift Certificate in 5 dollar increments (20 dollar minumum). HOW TO ORDER : Each number you order is in increments of 5. For example if you want a 50 dollar certificate you order 10. Sample : 10 units x 5 dollars each = 50.00 We will mail a nice card with the gift certificate anywhere in the US at no charge. Learn More
  10. Grape cuttings : King of the North

    Grape cuttings : King of the North

    Package of 10 of King of the North grape unrooted Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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