Ribes hirtellum

The hirtellum species of gooseberry are the american version, as opposed to the larger european version. The berries produced on these cultivars is about grape-sized, occasionally a bit larger, and have the texture and consistency as one of those seedless supermarket grapes (you know the ones with no nutrutional value whatsoever). These guys are full of vitamins, extremely cold hardy and easy to grow. Good tart fresh eating, they are even better frozen and eaten on a hot day, a good substitute for popsicles for the little folks. A treatise could be written on the culinary possibilities of this fruit, starting with gooseberry pie. All gooseberries start out green, tart and crispy, but they all ripen to a soft and sweet berry later in the season. You'll pick the when they are right for your own palate.

Potted plants 1-3 gallon sizes: $15 - 18


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    Gift Certificate

    Order a Gift Certificate in 5 dollar increments (20 dollar minumum). HOW TO ORDER : Each number you order is in increments of 5. For example if you want a 50 dollar certificate you order 10. Sample : 10 units x 5 dollars each = 50.00 We will mail a nice card with the gift certificate anywhere in the US at no charge. Learn More
  2. Hinnomake Gooseberry

    Hinnomake Gooseberry

    Deep purple and large oval berries when ripe, but good green too. More prone growth habit and hardier than other varieties. Precocious Learn More
  3. Pixwell Gooseberry

    Pixwell Gooseberry

    So named because it "picks well" meaning fewer thorns. Ripens to deep pink. Also good green. Precocious Learn More

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