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 Organic cider superblend -We will be pressing a limited amount of a premium blend of apples, containing dozens and dozens of varieties. That means each glassful will offer the rich tastes of 50 to 100 types of apple. This is a one of a kind cider that is worlds beyond what you will find anywhere else.

     We are asking folks to preorder, and pickup on the day of pressing so it can be as fresh and delicious as possible. Cider freezes extremely well if you would like to store some for the winter. (802-563-3012 or

   Sold in half gallon jugs for 5.00

During the growing season we sell fresh organic fruit from the fields and orchard.  The season begins in late June with Strawberries and ends when the first snows cover the apples. Although our fruit was first marketed at 3 of the areas local farmers’ markers, it is now for sale at the farm, but always call first to see what is available. Our fruit, fresh or frozen, is often available also at Applecheek Farm Store in Hyde Park, Buffalo Mt. Co-op, the Farmers to You network.

Frozen fruit is sold at the farm much of the year in 10 oz bags for 5.00.

The banquet includes:

apples     pears     plums     gooseberries     red currants black currants     white currants   grapes     fresh hops     blueberries strawberries    raspberries     blackberries

Beginning this year : We will be offering frozen apple pie slices. These are bagged in amounts to perfectly make an 8″ homemade apple pie without hassle. The real benefit here is that it will allow you to try dozens and dozens of varieties any time of year. (available here and at some of the above listed vendors)

                                          : beginning 2012 apple variety packs will be offered for shipping or pickup here at the farm. This way you can sample fruit from trees you might like to purchase, or just to improve upon the palate of you and your friends.


*All produce is certified organic and grown on our farm exclusively.

Please contact us for details.

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