Fresh FruitFresh Fruit

 Email any questions through the contact box.

 We will have fresh pressed cider, all organic, and all pressed with our fruit .

Offered in half gallon plastic jugs and now also in nice glass jugs. 5.00 each (glass add a 2.00 deposit, refundable but they are cool…you may want to keep one).

Please email or call ahead.


    We have frozen organic berries for sale right now !   For farm pickup, please call or email at    or  563-3012

Berries are sold :        5.00 each for 10 ounce convenience packages

32.00 for a 5 pound bag  bulk price


  Includes :




aronia berries (very high antioxidants, great juicing, smoothies, etc)









*All produce is certified organic and grown on our farm exclusively.

Please contact us for details.

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